"If they had hope,they would speak" : The ongoing use of state-sponsored sexual violence in Burma's ethnic communities

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"Despite signals from the Burmese government of their willingness to address these issues, rape and the intimidation of individuals seeking justice continue unabated. In the months since
Same Impunity, Same Patterns was published, the WLB has continued to receive reports of rape, attempted sexual violence, and intimidation of women byBurma Army personnel across the country – with a total of 14 cases of gang-rape, rape and attempted sexual assault documented between January and June, and many more women facing sexual violence but fearful of the consequences of taking action.
The situation at the local level remains largely unchanged: women and girls are still denied basic human rights on a daily basis, and perpetrators of rights violations against women
are not held responsible." PDF File available at : http://www.burmalink.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/VAW_Iftheyhadhope_TheywouldSpeak_English.pdf
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